About Me

Winning a Gold & Silver Medal on my beautiful horse To Troy at the Australian Masters Games

Winning a Gold & Silver Medal on my beautiful horse To Troy at the Australian Masters Games

About myself, I am born & bred in the Sutherland Shire, with stints in the St George area, Canada, Melbourne & the United Arab Emirates.

I saw my first counselling client on the 25 May 2005 and have been seeing individuals, couples and families ever since.  I have a Diploma of Applied Holistic Counselling, a Bachelors Degree of Counselling, as well I am a qualified clinical supervisor with the ACA College of Supervisors.

The way I see counselling is it is like having a broken leg; sometimes you need support such as physiotherapy or crutches until it heals.  So, if you have problems, sometimes you need support in finding better ways to deal with whats happening for you.  Speaking with someone who does not have a vested interest in the outcome, who is there just for you, with no hidden agenda, can be a great comfort and relief.  The people I work with are people with everyday problems, just like you and me, who are struggling and just need some help to find clarity and direction.

My passion is working with couples as I see changes within the first session.  Letting a husband know how to listen to his wife without having to fix her problems, can be a huge relief for both of them.  Letting a wife know that overloading her husband with words only makes it more difficult for him to understand what she is trying to say.  Keeping it simple is the key to great communication (the KISS principal).  Making suggestions to men about what you want will never work, they’re not wired the way women are so they don’t understand what we’re trying to say.  Men are very literal beings, you don’t ask a man “can” he take out the rubbish, ask him “will he or would he or I want you” to take out the rubbish, that’s the sort of language men understand and will respond to.

So if you are considering counselling why not give me a call on 02 8090 4122 or 0414 718 338 or email on Toni@TLCounselling.com.au or even Skype me on Toni.Langford and we can have a chat.