Happy Wife Happy Life – NOT!!!

Posted on November 7, 2017

Happy Wife Happy Life – NOT!!!

This is just a quick little post, this time of year most people don’t have much time to spare.

Jeez don’t I hate this saying, especially when it’s misused or used incorrectly!!!!!

It’s not about laying down, letting her walk all over you or using you as an emotional punching bag or door mat, for her to wipe her feet on.   That’s definitely not the right meaning of this saying.

What it actually means is if the wife (girl friend, lover etc) is happy in themselves, has her own thoughts, minds, beliefs etc & doesn’t rely on him or other external means to hang her sense of self on, then he’s a happy man. A happy woman, who knows her own mind, is a very appealing person to have around.  I don’t mean a rude, bossy, over bearing, opinionated person, who shoves her opinions & beliefs down your thought (or a man for that matter).  It’s about a quiet confidence & self-assuredness that radiates from the inside out.  Ask most guys & they’ll tell you a confident woman is very sex.  A needy, clingy woman is anything but.

So, give it some thought.