Skype Counselling

Have you ever considered counselling but are so time poor that when you have time there are no counsellors available?  Well I just might have the answer for you!

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Yes Skype!  It’s quick, efficient and helps you have a session, no matter what your time constraints are.  It’s Skype Individ 2especially great for couples with young families who have little or no family support.  Sessions can be arranged around their eating and sleeping times, so 8pm sessions are actually a reality.  Couples have contacted me, despairing that they are unable to find time or resources to enable them to come to the clinic yet are desperate to sort their problems out.  So offering them the flexibility of have a session late in the evening, in the comfort and privacy of their own homes has been a huge blessing.  Many clients have had sessions with me using Skype, whether they were in Wollongong, Bunbury or Dubai.


Skype counselling is exactly the same as face to face counselling as we can both hear and see each other in real Skype Childrentime,  however you are in your  home and I am in my office.  Skype is a free software you download onto your computer, if it’s not already loaded, and costs nothing to use.  You don’t need any special equipment, all you need to do is follow the link here to get started Once you have loaded Skype you “search” for Toni.Langford and send a contact request.  Counselling sessions are prepaid via either using EFT or PayPal.  It’s that simple it’s child’s play!  So why not consider Skype as a viable option to physically going to a see a counsellor, it’s a great way of sorting out problems without the added stress of trying to find the time to come into a clinic.


So if you’re in the market for a counsellor but are struggling to find one who can fit into your time and family constrains, then give me a call on 02 8090 4122, 0414 718 338, Skype me at Toni.Langford or email on and let’s see if we can sort it all out for you.